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Deller, Angela
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ISCED Level 0 Early childhood education
ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The main aim of the Camden Early Years Learning Cluster project was to improve outcomes for all children by investing in the professional development of practitioners across Camden, and promoting language and learning with children who have English as an additional language.

The participants in the Camden Early Years Learning Cluster project are early years pupils in Children’s Centres and Primary schools, including White British children entitled to free school meals and black and minority ethnic groups. My target learners are children with special needs, English as additional language, and those who need help with concentration. The methods used were Lesson Study, picture cards, props, open-ended questions, and allowing the children to take the lead in activities. The activity was repeated with different groups of children and the outcome was different each time.

The main findings are that the project has resulted in improved teaching practice, increased confidence and knowledge in early years settings, and improved outcomes for all children. Target children have become more independent, confident, and have improved their English language skills.

The findings suggest that allowing children to take the lead and work together to retell stories can lead to improved language and learning, increased confidence, and better problem-solving skills. It also highlights the importance of open-ended questions and not interrupting play.
Keywords (free text)
language , problem-solving , early childhood education , primary education
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