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    Benefits of Differentiation in a Science Lesson for Young Learners in Primary School
    (2024) Morais, Charlene Elsie
    Background and Purpose: This study addresses the challenge of engaging diverse learners in primary education settings, focusing on a class of 20 learners aged 8-10 at an international school in Malaysia. These learners came from varied backgrounds, including those with learning disabilities, different levels of English proficiency, and varying prior knowledge in science. Aims: The aim was to explore the impact of a range of differentiation strategies on student engagement in a science lesson about gravity, considering the diverse needs of the learners. Design and Methods: The research utilized the Tomlinson model for differentiation, covering content, product, process, and environment. Techniques included differentiated instruction, mixed-ability grouping, and tailored activities. Data collected included lesson observations, a reflective journal, and feedback from a mentor and the learners themselves. Findings: Differentiation significantly enhanced engagement and inclusivity, allowing learners of all abilities to achieve the lesson's objectives. Feedback indicated that establishing pre-defined roles in group activities, and providing differentiated tasks and instructions contribute to improved learners' understanding and participation. Implications for Practice: The study suggests that differentiation, when effectively implemented, can cater to the diverse needs of learners, fostering an inclusive and engaging learning environment. This approach could be extended across various subjects and educational contexts to enhance learner engagement and achievement, and could be extended through the use of learning technologies. Peer observation also has the potential to support continuing reflection on practice.
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    Creating security and encouraging oracy in language learning
    (Camtree: the Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange, 2022) Åsebø-Trodal, Kenth Magne
    Background: This study, conducted in a Norwegian secondary school, aimed to enhance oracy in English and Spanish language learning amongst 15-16 year olds. Recognizing the varied linguistic backgrounds of students and the challenges in fostering oral skills, the research focused on creating a secure environment for oracy development and language practice. Aims: The primary goal was to investigate methods to increase students' oral participation in group and whole-class activities, while considering their diverse learning needs and backgrounds. Methods: A research lesson study approach was employed, focussing on game-based learning, multimedia resources, and group work. The interventions aimed to engage students in oracy through interactive and participatory methods, with a focus on English and Spanish language classes. Findings: The study found that game-based learning significantly enhanced students' willingness to engage in oracy. However, other methods like film analysis and multimedia tools had more limited success in promoting oral language skills. Students reported feeling more confident and engaged in sessions that utilized gaming as a learning tool. Implications for Practice: The research suggests that incorporating interactive and engaging methods like gaming can significantly improve oral participation in language learning. It highlights the need for teachers to adapt instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs of learners and to create a supportive environment that encourages active participation and language use.
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    "I have no clue how to pronounce that": The impact of introducing a systematic phonics teaching initiative on Year 8 Italian students’ reading aloud skills and attitudes
    (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, 2023-07-24) Crossman, Hannah
    The aim of this study was to analyse the impact of an explicit, systematic phonics teaching intervention on a KS3 Italian class’s reading aloud ability and attitudes. The findings suggest that systematic, explicit phonics teaching may have a positive impact on student decoding ability, perception of that ability, and confidence.
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    Art-based games: An action research study exploring Year 10 students’ perspectives on short ‘warm up’ interventions and their potential effects on the classroom learning environment
    (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, 2023-06-05) Jones, Megan
    This action research study provides evidence towards the value of using ‘warm up’ games in key stage 4 art classrooms, by suggesting that such activities can elicit a more interactive and engaging learning environment.
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    A critical analysis of the impact of implementing feminist teaching pedagogies on Y10 girls’ attitudes towards mathematics
    (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, 2023-07-24) Burns, Rachel
    This action research project explores whether implementing feminist pedagogies can improve girls' attitudes towards mathematics. Features of feminist mathematics pedagogies include social learning, connected knowing, a reflective and low-pressure environment, and problem solving with multiple routes.

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