School sports collaborative – inclusive sports festival

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Lambert, Paul
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Educational Level
ISCED Level 1 Primary education
ISCED Level 2 Lower secondary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The purpose of the initiative was to create an inclusive sports festival for whole classes of primary school children, to enhance their sports skills and attitude in competition, and to increase their engagement and enjoyment.

The participants were 700 children from 8 primary schools, accompanied by their teachers and supported by Y8 sports leaders from UCL Academy. The methods used included providing model lessons for each year group, using the facilities at UCLA, and involving Y8 sports leaders to referee and coach teams. The festivals provided competition through inclusion, with no trophy.

The festivals provided an inclusive competitive environment for over 700 children, with great engagement and enjoyment. The children developed a strong relationship with their Y8 sports leader and the school now has a Dodgeball Club.

The findings suggest that the collaborative sports festival was successful in engaging children, enhancing their sports skills and attitudes in competition. It also led to the development of a Dodgeball Club in the school, demonstrating the lasting impact of the festival.
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inclusion , primary education , secondary education
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