Multimedia Advocacy

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Yates, Alex
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Educational Level
ISCED Level 3 Upper secondary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The purpose of the initiative was to improve pastoral planning and give ownership of the process to individuals and families by using multimedia person-centred plans to capture the voice, skills, aspirations and needs of the individual.

Participants included two school champions, pupils, parents/carers, teachers, and professionals, all working together to create multimedia person-centred plans to improve attendance, engagement, and outcomes. The methods used were two school 'champions' undertaking a 12 week training programme and leading group sessions with young people, and using online Wiki Sites to create multimedia Person-Centred Plans.

The main findings are that using online Wiki Sites to create multimedia Person-Centred Plans has improved attendance, engagement from multi-agency teams, and pupil achievement. It has also built IT skills and self-confidence, created more effective support networks, and improved opportunities for aspiring, learning and achieving.

The findings suggest that using multimedia advocacy can improve attendance, engagement, and achievement of SMART targets, as well as build IT skills and self-confidence. It also creates a more effective support network focused on improving outcomes.
Keywords (free text)
IT , advocacy , secondary education
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