Essex LA Strategy Support Teacher: Using mentoring/coaching to improve practice and attainment

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Sharp, Viv
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: The purpose of the study was to support a Year 4 teacher in raising attainment in writing in her class by using features of Assessment For Learning, The National Strategy and other resources.

Aims: The main aim was to use Assessment For Learning, The National Strategy and other resources to raise attainment in writing for a focus group of Year 4 pupils.

Methods: The participants in this case study are a Year 4 teacher, a focus group of pupils, a Strategy Support Teacher, a LA curriculum adviser, and Shirley Clarke (AFL). Methods used included AfL features such as success criteria, self and peer marking, mini-plenaries, National Strategy Units of work, Progression papers, Expanded Process of Writing, APP grids, displays, and mentoring/coaching.

Findings: The main findings are that the use of AfL techniques, National Strategy materials, and mentoring/coaching approaches have led to improved writing levels in the focus group, increased staff awareness, and improved teaching and learning.

Implications: The findings suggest that providing teachers with time to discuss teaching and learning, as well as access to CPD resources, can lead to improved teaching and learning outcomes for pupils. Additionally, the use of AfL techniques and National Strategy materials can help pupils make progress in their writing.
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Primary education , English - writing
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