Embedding formative assessment through a Teacher Learning Community

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Shevlin, Tracey
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The main aim was to improve the quality of feedback by using a Teacher Learning Community to embed formative assessment in order to help pupils take more ownership of their learning.

The participants in the Teacher Learning Community were teachers from the school who trialled different formative assessment approaches and strategies in their lessons to assess pupils. They shared ideas and resources to embed formative assessment in their practice. Methods used include mini-whiteboards, exit tickets, post-its, lolly sticks, traffic lights, success criteria, green pens, highlighters, and SMARTs. Teachers use these to assess pupils formatively and adapt their teaching within lessons.

The findings suggest that the use of formative assessment strategies has had a positive impact on pupil learning and teaching. Pupils are more engaged and taking ownership of their learning, while teachers are adapting their teaching to meet the needs of learners and providing more effective feedback.

The Teacher Learning Community has had a positive impact on pupil learning and teaching, with pupils taking more ownership of their learning and teachers having the confidence to adapt their teaching.
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assessment , feedback
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