Curriculum Development at Torriano Primary School

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Bush, Susan
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The purpose of this initiative at Torriano Primary School was to develop a curriculum rooted in the school's ethos, and to raise pupil achievement holistically, incorporating children's rights, cultural, and educational aspects.

The participants include teachers, pupils, parents, cultural organisations, and the Camden Cultural Commissioning Project. They collaborate to create a quality, disciplined, creative curriculum that develops values and skills. Methods used include incorporating global learning and the UNCRC into the curriculum, providing varied creative expressions of learning, involving pupils in designing and organizing activities, and collaborating with subject coordinators, parents, and cultural organizations.

The main findings are that the school's disciplined, innovative approach to the curriculum has resulted in quality outcomes in speaking, writing, thinking and interaction with adults, and has had a positive impact beyond the school in terms of the UNICEF RRSA programme and the Global Learning Project.

The findings suggest that the school's approach has had a positive impact on pupil learning and teaching/leadership, resulting in improved speaking, writing, thinking and interaction skills, as well as increased motivation and self-confidence.
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writing , cultural organisations , primary education
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