Student co-planners

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Morgan, Joy
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Educational Level
ISCED Level 2 Lower secondary education
ISCED Level 3 Upper secondary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The main aim of the Student Co-planners project is to empower students to provide teachers with constructive feedback and help them plan interactive, differentiated, and engaging learning experiences.

The participants of the Student Co-planners project are students from the High Learning Potential register, students with Special Educational Needs, and students for whom English is an additional language. They are trained to provide teachers with constructive feedback and help plan interactive, differentiated, engaging learning. The Student Co-planners project used carefully selected students from the High Learning Potential register who were interviewed and trained to co-plan lessons with teachers. Training included identifying what makes a great lesson, qualities and behaviours of a great co-planner, and how to communicate constructively.

The Student Co-planners project has been successful in raising achievement, increasing student confidence, and providing teachers with valuable feedback.

The findings suggest that co-planning with students has a positive impact on pupil learning and teaching, leading to increased engagement, improved lesson plans, and increased confidence in students. Students and teachers have reported positive experiences and the project has been recommended to other schools.
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language , feedback , raising achievement , secondary education , secondary education
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