STAR: Supporting through the arts – An initiative linking the arts to the development of writing

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Stubbs, Jill
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: The purpose of the study was to improve pupils' attitudes to writing, raise standards of writing in STAR schools, and develop schools who value the arts for their own sake and for their potential in providing rich and stimulating opportunities for writing.

Aims: The main aim of the STAR Initiative is to raise standards in core subjects such as numeracy and literacy by providing stimulating creative arts contexts for learning.

Methods: The participants in the STAR Initiative are head of school improvement, headteachers, middle leaders, National Strategies consultants, senior leadership teams, SIPs, subject leaders, teachers, artists, and performers. The STAR Initiative used training, review meetings, specialist arts expertise, and tracking of target groups to improve pupils' attitudes to writing, raise standards, and develop schools' appreciation of the arts.

Findings: The STAR Initiative has had a profound impact on pupil learning, improving attitudes to writing and raising standards. It has also had an impact on teaching, with staff becoming more confident in delivering skills in literacy and developing cross-curricular links. School organisation and leadership have also been impacted, with the aims of the initiative being adopted into the planning for the following year.

Implications: The STAR Initiative has had a profound impact on pupil learning, teaching, and school organization and leadership. It has improved pupils' attitudes to writing, raised standards of writing, and increased staff motivation and confidence. It has also allowed for more creative and open-ended approaches to teaching and learning.
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Primary education , English - writing
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