Pupil Premium: Closing the gaps in English

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Smith, Kelly
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The aim of this development work was to raise standards and upskill all staff, with a focus on improving the progress of pupil premium children, by providing a high pupil:adult ratio in English lessons and 1:1 reading sessions.

The participants included two TAs, a HLTA, an EPST, the class teachers, and a reading volunteer. They worked together to support pupil premium children in English. The methods used include 1:1 reading sessions, team-teaching, communication between class teachers and TAs, and 15 minute intervention groups led by the HLTA. These have enabled teachers to track progress, identify learning needs, and find ways to support pupils.

The scheme has raised standards in English, increasing communication with parents, enabling teachers to know and nurture pupils, and providing continuity of learning.

The findings suggest that the scheme has been successful in raising standards in English, improving communication with parents, and providing a supportive environment for pupils. This has resulted in improved progress for all pupils. End of Year 1 data shows that pupil premium children made better comparatively more progress than the pupils as whole.
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reading , primary education
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