Implementing strategies for efficient and impactful peer feedback and improvement in Year 1

The main aim was to improve the use of peer and self assessment in Year 1, developing verbal feedback skills and a growth mindset in order to increase assessment literacy.

The participants are 31 Year 1 children who have been taught to give and receive feedback, and to use it to improve their work. They are now more resilient and open to feedback, and more assessment literate than previous cohorts. Methods used included using Ron Berger's Story of Austin's Butterfly to teach critique and feedback, speaking frames, visualiser for showing work to class, and a feedback prompt sheet with categories for presentation and content of writing.

The use of feedback and improvement has greatly improved in the classroom, with children now able to give and receive specific verbal feedback, understand the purpose of feedback, and acknowledge success as well as areas for development.

Feedback and improvement strategies has had a positive impact on pupil learning and teaching. Children are now more resilient and open to feedback, more assessment literate, and able to give and receive specific verbal feedback. This will benefit their learning in the future.
Keywords (free text)
writing , literacy , assessment , feedback , primary education
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