Leadership and Management – from good to outstanding

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Earrey, Rob
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The main aim was to improve the school's Leadership and Management grade from good to outstanding, and to raise the quality of teaching and pupils' attainment and progress.

The participants included the whole school, governors, senior leadership team, and staff. They were involved in skills audits, training programmes, reformatting meetings and minutes, communication with parents, CPD, and performance management. Methods used included restructuring the leadership team, reforming HT report, reforming Governing Body meetings and minutes, reforming PM process, governor training, CPD for SLT, and observations and modelling of good practice.

The leadership and management development work led to an improved quality of teaching, and raised pupils' attainment and progress.

The findings suggest that restructuring the leadership team, reforming the HT report, and providing governor training and CPD for staff have had a positive impact on teaching and learning, leading to improved attainment and progress for pupils. It also lead to an Ofsted judgement of 'outstanding'.
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primary education
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