Kinect computer game for developing number concepts: personalising technology for improved learning

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Choak, Paul
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The main aim of this development work is to use Kinect to help children with learning difficulties in mathematics aged 8 to 13 to learn the concept of estimation and apply it in other situations.

The participants in the project are four classes of children aged 8-13 with learning difficulties in mathematics, their teachers, an in-house programmer, and an advisory professor from UCL with a specialism in dyscalculia. The team used a lesson study approach to observe learners and analyse their needs. A Kinect program was developed to enable learners to respond with their whole body. The program was adapted and refined over time with the help of an in-house programmer.

Using Kinect to develop estimation concepts in number has had a positive impact on engagement and learning for learners with learning difficulties in mathematics. The lesson study approach has enabled greater insights into learning and the development of a bespoke app and a code library to personalise technology for improved learning.

The lesson study methodology has enabled the development of approaches and apps to fit individual learners' needs, leading to improved engagement and learning. The project has also generated a reusable code library which can be used to develop personalised technology for learners in future.
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mathematics , lesson study
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