Singing from the same song sheet

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Morgan, Joy
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ISCED Level 2 Lower secondary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The main aim of this development work was to create a shared vision of outstanding Parli learning, teaching, and parenting, and to integrate this vision into all aspects of school improvement.

The participants included the Senior Leadership Team, middle leaders, students, governors, parents, trainees, and teachers. The SLT created a vision of outstanding Parli learning and teaching, shared it with middle leaders, students, governors and parents to refine the competencies, and disseminated the final version to teaching staff in various forums.

Findings: The main findings of this development work were that the models of outstanding Parli learning and teaching were shared with the school community, inspiring students, teachers, and parents to strive for excellence. The models were used to support individual learning plans and to discuss growth mindset and resilience. Teachers who were new to the School found the models particularly useful.

The findings suggest that the models have been successful in helping to create a shared vision of outstanding teaching and learning, inspiring students, teachers, parents and carers, and helping to develop a growth mindset and resilience in G&T students.
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resilience , secondary education
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