Mindfulness – A whole school approach, Rhyl Primary

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James, Lee
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ISCED Level 0 Early childhood education
ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The main aim of the development work was to extend the offer of mindfulness sessions to more pupils, staff and parents/carers, to help them learn tools to feel happier, calmer and more positive.

The participants included Rhyl Primary School staff, students from Nursery to Year 5, and professionals from other Camden schools. Mindfulness sessions were facilitated by a trained teacher and included concentration practices, emotional self-soothing, calming techniques, kindness and gratitude practices and awareness. A Mindfulness Course and Drop In were offered to staff, and a Colouring Club was offered to KS2 students.

The main findings from the Mindfulness Afternoon were that 75% of pupils enjoyed Mindfulness lessons, 85% liked practicing daily, and 30% said it had helped them feel happier at school and home. Staff feedback was 100% positive, reporting improved stress and anxiety.

The findings suggest that Mindfulness has had a positive impact on pupils, staff, and parents, helping them to reduce stress and anxiety, feel happier, and be more in the moment. It has also helped them to better manage their emotions and get to sleep.
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feedback , early childhood education , primary education
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