Developing Primary Subject Networks

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Frood, Kate
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This iniative aimed to create supportive networks across the full primary curriculum to enhance teaching and learning, build social capital, and equip teachers with new resources and strategies.

Subject leaders in primary schools, including experienced and new to the role, who are keen to develop expertise and challenges in the 4 foundation subjects. Subject networks were set up for 4 foundation subjects, with meetings half-termly and after school. Webinars, conferences, and visits to the National Gallery and Camden Archives were used to enhance teaching and learning. Resources and strategies were shared in meetings and on a padlet.

Teachers report feeling better equipped to support colleagues and excited by new resources and strategies.

The development of primary subject networks has had a positive impact on teaching and learning, with teachers feeling better equipped to support colleagues and share resources. This has resulted in increased enthusiasm and willingness to work collaboratively.
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primary education
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