A transition pledge to pupils and parents

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Folley, Trevor
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Educational Level
ISCED Level 1 Primary education
ISCED Level 2 Lower secondary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: The purpose of the study was to devise a pledge for pupils and parents regarding transfers from primary to secondary school, and measure its success through surveys and questionnaires.

Aims: The main aim of this development work was to create a Charter School Transition Pledge to support pupils and parents during the transfer from primary to secondary school, and to measure its success through surveys and questionnaires.

Methods: The participants included pupils, parents/carers, teachers, headteachers, senior leadership teams, subject leaders, and school improvement partners. The methods used included consultation with pupils, teachers, partner primary schools and parents/carers, liaison between pupils, teachers and parents, and using increased understanding to inform planning for teaching and learning.

Findings: The main findings are that the Charter School Transition Pledge was successful in increasing pupil confidence and improving the chances of pupil progress. It was measured through surveys and questionnaires from pupils, parents/carers, and teachers.

Implications: The findings suggest that increased communication between schools, pupils, and parents/carers can lead to increased confidence and engagement in learning, resulting in improved pupil progress.
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Secondary education , Transfer and transition
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