Exploring teaching strategies to promote mathematical resilience in a Year 10 set 4 mathematics class

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Smith, Hannah
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Many students experience the phenomenon of mathematical anxiety when approaching mathematics inside and outside the classroom. Literature suggests that mathematical anxiety may be reduced through the development of mathematical resilience. However, few studies have considered how to develop such a characteristic. This piece of action research suggests that mathematical resilience can be developed through the introduction of teaching strategies which encourage student discussion and collaborative work. Several strategies were introduced and evaluated whilst teaching a middle-set Year 10 mathematics class at an all-girls school. This study has shown that mini whiteboard work, question tickets, matching activities and confidence-building starters are particularly useful tools. The success of such teaching strategies being applied elsewhere will rely upon the presence of a positive learning environment as well as the regular recognition of what it means to be mathematically resilient.
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PGCE Secondary Mathematics , mathematical resilience
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