Using Lesson Study to develop teaching approaches that help pupils understand division including tenths and hundredths

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O'Shaughnessy, Annette
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: Assessments, completed in Autumn 2012, identified that pupils across year 4 showed inconsistency in their understanding of division and decimals. Therefore, a focus on these areas, including any common misconceptions, was the main focus for our lesson study. The study involved three research lessons focused on decimals and involved case study pupils in a year 4 class.

Aims: The main aim
of the study was to improve pupils' understanding of division and decimals, using a range of teaching approaches and resources, and to identify and address common misconceptions.

Methods: The study involved three research lessons focused on decimals and involved case study pupils in the low end of the middle ability group. The lesson study group consisted of two teachers new to the school and an ECC teacher. Case pupils included four low-end middle ability pupils with inconsistent knowledge of times tables and occasional careless mistakes.

Findings: Pupils' understanding of division and decimals had developed, but while pupils had a good understanding of tenths, they still occasionally were placing their digits in the wrong column when writing decimal notation for hundredths. The decision was made to continue teaching decimals once every week.

Implications: The lesson study on division and decimals led to the identification of common misconceptions and the need for pupils to have access to a variety of resources. Lesson study should be implemented in all year groups.
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lesson study , mathematics , primary education , decimals , division
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