“Please be seated”: A study of pupils’ perspectives on the nature and purpose of seated learning activities within a year 2 class

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Jayne, Samantha
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This research project investigates children’s views on the purposes of seated learning activities and what is important to them when completing such activities. Clark and Moss’ (2001) mosaic approach was used to explore the heterogeneous spatial literacy of a group of year 2 children,selected using random stratified sampling. Themes identified by the children included increased work output, spatial ownership, physical comfort and working independently. The latter provides a challenge to existing literature on Vygotsky’s (1978) notions of social learning and Alexander’s (2011) research into dialogic teaching. This highlights an opportunity for teachers to work with children at the beginning of the school year to discuss the varied purposes of different learning activities and to collaboratively create a learning environment that authentically reflects and facilitates these purposes.
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PGCE Primary , Education , Classroom , Year 2 , Seated learning
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