Using lesson study to develop teaching strategies that enable reluctant readers to become independent learners during guided reading sessions in Year 1

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Lewis, Helen
Harrop, David
O'Connor, Rachel
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Educational Level
ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: Ofsted identified that the school, which is in an area of deprivation, needs consistency with assessment to inform planning and set challenge in the last report and guided reading has been a focus of our school improvement plan for the last couple of years.
Aims: Our focus for Lesson Study was guided reading as reading is part of our school improvement plan. The team is also in charge of monitoring Literacy throughout the school and Lesson Study was a chance to make sure there was consistency in its delivery, improve the way sessions are delivered, and see differentiation across the key stages to ensure children's learning experience is maximized.
Methods: Two focus children were identified and their experience, reading strategies and progress were tracked over three research lessons. Aids, such as strategy cards, were used to encourage independent learning, and the recognition that one child was very dependent on visual cues led to a change in approach to encourage her to focus on reading text.
Findings: Lesson study on guided reading improved consistency and differentiation across key stages, with visual aids and individual attention and interventions enhancing progress. Use of strategy prompt cards was particularly effective. The close attention to the focus children provided the teachers with new insights into their reading strategies.
Implications: Lesson study has the potential to improve consistency and effectiveness of guided reading sessions, leading to progress in pupils' reading skills and confidence. It also has potential as a CPD model more widely.
Keywords (free text)
lesson study , primary education , guided reading , independent reading
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