Improving writing through the study of dramatic conventions in news bulletins

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Wright, Kevin
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Educational Level
ISCED Level 1 Primary education
Geographical Setting
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: As part of a school-led action research project, teachers in Lowestoft identified writing as their priority area for inquiry. This study took place at a large primary school with over 500 pupils, serving socio-economically hard-pressed areas.
Aims: The lesson study project aimed to improve writing skills through speaking and listening activities and the ability to adapt writing to different contexts. specifically by engaging them in a Tudor-themed unit where they recorded their own broadcast for a particular audience, focused on different writing styles and purposes, and received feedback from their peers and teacher. The children were interviewed as part of this process.
Methods: Lesson study was used to plan and observe a Tudor-themed writing unit for year 5 children in which they wrote and recorded a broadcast for a specific audience. Observation and collaboration with colleagues were used to improve teaching practices and enhance student learning.
Findings: The project improved writing skills and student confidence. Students responded positively to the clear purpose of recording their own broadcast for different audiences, and reported improved ability to adapt their writing style.
Implications: Collaborative planning and observation of lessons led to improved teaching practices and learning outcomes, and a rewarding experience for both teachers and students.
Keywords (free text)
lesson study , writing for different audiences , drama , primary education
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