Using lesson study to develop teaching approaches for girls who are quiet and lack confidence in Mathematics

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Brougham, Helen
Lockley, Rachel
Welbourne, Clare
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: The study aimed to improve the learning of a group of quiet girls in a Year 4 mixed ability maths class who were struggling with word problems, by using models, images, and equipment to support their explanations and build their confidence.

Aims: The aim of the study was to improve the ability of a group of quieter girls in a Year 4 mixed ability maths class to solve and explain word problems, using models and images to support their understanding and confidence.

Methods: The lesson study group consisted of three teachers. The teachers used models, images, and equipment to support the girls' understanding and confidence in explaining their work. Regular access to these tools and opportunities to draw annotations were given to all students. Staff CPD was also provided to involve quiet children and develop collaborative learning skills.

Findings: The use of models, images, and equipment helped to increase confidence and understanding, particularly for EAL learners. The study also highlighted the importance of involving quiet children and providing opportunities for collaborative learning.

Implications: Quiet pupils lacking confidence in maths lessons benefit from regular access to models and images, and opportunities to explain their work using them. Staff should have high expectations for correct use of vocabulary and provide specific interventions for EAL learners.
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lesson study , mathematics , mathematics materials , collaborative learning , dialogue , primary education
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