‘I want to challenge myself’:the use of Self-Regulatory techniques to enhance Self-Efficacy in a Year 7 science class

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Burns, Julia
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Success in the classroom has increasingly been attributed to self-efficacy. This has been partially permitted through the use of self-regulatory techniques. Although research has recently increased into these two areas, the application of self-regulatory techniques to enhance self-efficacy in younger secondary school students is still largely unexplored. This action research study focused on implementing self-regulatory techniques into a year 7 science class in a British comprehensive school, with the aim of increasing student levels of self-efficacy. A sequence of lessons were delivered, that incorporated self-regulatory learning. Levels of both self-efficacy and self-regulated learning were measured before and after the sequence, using a range of data collection methods. Findings suggest that a significant increase in self-efficacy was a result of the introduction of self-regulated learning techniques. The study points towards the importance of increasing self-efficacy, in younger students, as well as possibilities for future research.
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PGCE Secondary , Biology , Classroom , Education , Year 7 , self-regulatory techniques
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