A critical investigation into how Year 8 students’ learning about ‘travel writing’ can be developed through films and photographs

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Kibbler, Katie
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‘Travel writing’ is a popular topic to teach to Key Stage Three English classes,and yet it is surprisingly under-represented in recent research literature. This report identifies three main reasons that the genre can prove challenging to teach and challenging to approach as a young student, and investigates the efficacy of using still and moving images to provide a stimulus for this particular, slippery type of creative writing. My research explores whether the first of these problems could be addressed by supplying some sort of ‘experience’ of travel through still and moving images, to students with an otherwise limited experience of the types of places that are typically subjects of ‘travel writing’. I conclude that there remains more investigation to be done on both the teaching of travel writing and the use of still and moving images as stimuli for creative writing in schools.
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Secondary , English , Year 8 , Travel writing , filmography , photography
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