Investigating Talk in Year 9 Group Composing: A Case Study

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Bourne Swinton Hunter, Catriona
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This study investigates the co-constructed nature of collaborative composing, examining how two pairs of Year 9 students compose a film underscore.
The findings indicate that the process of composing required experimentation, demonstration and use of technical vocabulary. While both groups created a similar volume and quality of musical material, there was a disparity in whether students took equal roles. I suggest that this was not due to lack of engagement, but to: (i) mismatched levels of experience using required technology, (ii) students' individual preference for working alone or with others and (iii) relationships between students.
The study highlights the need to establish a better knowledge of students' preferences for working as individuals or in groups, as well as the extent of their informal learning. The findings also reinforce the importance of ensuring students learn how to use appropriate terminology, both through teacher modelling of vocabulary and demonstration of musical concepts.
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PGCE Secondary Music , collaborative composing , Education , Classroom
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