Changing dimensions: the impact of making models on Year 10 students’ understanding of Greek temples when studying Classical Civilisation

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Legg, Mollie
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This study explores the introduction of ‘active learning’, particularly model making, into the classroom of a mixed comprehensive state school. It focusses on the impact of ‘active learning’ on student engagement and skill-building (including independent-thinking, reflection and resilience). It also assesses whether model making can influence student understanding of Classical temples as 3-dimensional buildings. The findings showed that overall student engagement increased and that students developed important thinking skills. These findings applied particularly to students who are disadvantaged in some way. However, it is unclear whether students’ understanding of the 3D nature of Classical temples was enhanced. Further research might assess the impact of ‘active learning’ on student information-retention.
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PGCE Latin with Classics , Active Learning , Classroom , Education
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