Using Lesson Study to develop teaching approaches that help pupils understand division including tenths and hundredths

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Purdue, Eleanor
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ISCED Level 1 Primary education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: It was identified that pupils across year 3 showed inconsistency in their understanding of subtraction, place value and data handling. Therefore, a focus on these areas and their misconceptions determined the content of our lessons.
Aims: The aim of the study was to use lesson study to develop teaching approaches that help pupils understand division including tenths and hundredths, with a focus on areas of inconsistency in understanding such as subtraction, place value, and data handling.
Methods: The lesson study group consisted of two teachers new to the year group, one new to the Key Stage, and the school ECC teacher. They focused on developing teaching approaches to help pupils understand division including tenths and hundredths. Lesson study was used to develop teaching approaches for understanding division including tenths and hundredths. Teachers planned together, used a range of teaching approaches and resources, and evaluated lessons daily. Case study pupils were observed and progress was made through differentiated activities and the use of practical resources. Impact was seen on pupil learning, practice, and future teaching.
Findings: A range of resources and strategies were employed, and differentiation was important. The approaches used improved pupil learning and informed future teaching methods.
Implications: The lesson study approach improved teachers' focus on individual student learning needs and the use of a range of resources and equipment, leading to increased student confidence and progress in understanding mathematical concepts. This approach could be beneficial for all year groups in the school.
Keywords (free text)
lesson study , mathematics , primary education , subtraction , place value
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