Using lesson study to develop the teaching strategies used in early years guided reading to facilitate independent reading

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O'Connor, Rachel
Lewis, Helen
Harrop, Dave
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ISCED Level 0 Early childhood education
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Background: The purpose of the study was to improve the consistency and effectiveness of guided reading sessions across key stages in a school with a high percentage of free school meals and children with learning difficulties. The study aimed to identify areas for improvement and measure the impact on pupil learning and progress.
Aims: The main aim of the Lesson Study was to improve the consistency and delivery of guided reading sessions across key stages, with a focus on assessing and challenging pupils, and to make sure that pupils reach their full potential..
Methods: The Lesson Study team focussed on improving guided reading consistency and delivery. Reading was modelled using big books and a pointer and this impacted children’s own reading. Three teachers worked together to plan and deliver lessons, focusing on specific case pupils. Targets were set and progress was measured through observation and pupil interviews. Impact on learning and practice was evaluated.
Findings: Lesson study on guided reading provided valuable insights and enabled changes with with measurable impact on pupil learning and progress. Small changes, such as modelling reading in page order, made a big difference. Children were able to assess their own progress (identifying books as ‘too easy’) and were also eager to learn more letter sounds.
Implications: Lesson study improved consistency in guided reading sessions, increased pupil confidence and progress, and highlighted the need for continued focus on independent reading skills. It could be a beneficial and supportive CPD model if used more widely, especially for supporting newly qualified teachers.
Keywords (free text)
lesson study , early years , reading , guided reading
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