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    Students' enthusiasm and scientific research interest in the teaching of basic engineering theory courses
    (2024) Huang, Zhaoling
    Background: Theoretical courses in engineering in higher education serve as the basis for professional learning. The content plays an obvious fundamental role. However, in actual classroom teaching, because the course itself is highly theoretical and the content is difficult, it is difficult to mobilize students' enthusiasm, they have low interest in learning, and insufficient attention span, which seriously affects the effectiveness of classroom learning. Aims: In response to the above problems, Bloom's goal classification theory was used to carry out reform of teaching to address course objectives and motivate students. Methods: Diversified goals were set and multiple types of challenges and multi-level assignments implemented in the course to engage and motivate students. These included presenting real-world examples, setting practical problems, using learning technologies, and relating the course content to the broader curriculum. Findings: Students' achievement of course objectives, classroom participation and co-operation activities have been improved, while at the same time, classroom knowledge is further transferred and diffused to stimulate problematic thinking, solve real-world problems by applying relevant knowledge and principles, and exercise multi-dimensional abilities such as application, research, and innovation. Implications: Classroom teaching reform based on practical applications while addressing academic foundations is an effective way to mobilize students' enthusiasm and stimulate their interest in learning in the teaching of basic engineering theory courses.